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If you’re seeing this, then you downloaded one of my eBooks. I am so pumped to have you here and so thankful you decided to take a chance on a small indie author!

My name is Jinapher, and Wrathos is my epic fantasy multiverse of feminine rage. That rage amplifies over time, building out over the course of all my books.

Here at Wrathos Books, I provide my subscribers with multiverse guides, pillar lore, book cliff notes, character essays, bonus NSFW spice, and more.

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Yes, you get access to all the cool bonus content, but more so, if you found my books, you likely did so through social media or a free book promotion. Both of these things include algorithms I have zero control over. The likelihood of you receiving important updates from me on one of those platforms is slim-to-none, because many of those algorithms are highly unpredictable.

By subscribing, I won’t lose you, and I can keep you updated on what I’m building.

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I know a multiverse can sound daunting, but if you’re here, I want to help in any way I can. As a free subscriber, there are four pieces of content you should absolutely have on your radar:

  1. Wrathos Recommended Reading Order & Beginner’s Guide - This guide also includes outlines for free and paid subscriptions.

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That said, I’m still incredibly appreciative you’ve found me and are giving my books a chance. So whether you review or not, please know I feel so lucky you’ve found me, and I really hope at least one of my books is for you!

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